"Cause we’re one and the same. We’re anything but ordinary. One and the same. I think we’re almost legendary, you and me the perfect team, chasing down the dream. One and the same…”

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I believe that everything happens for a reason the way it’s supposed to. Actually a long time ago I was at a church convention when I was 11 years old. And they started speaking in tounge and I was like ‘What is this?’ so I was like freaked out but interested at the same time. The lady who was speaking in tounge pointed at me and she was like ‘Come here!’ and I walked up and she put her hand on my head and she started saying ‘God says you will be a hero to thousands of people one day. And you’ll be using some form of art.’ And she was like ‘Are you ready?’ And me being a 11 year old was like ‘Yeah let’s do it, lets paint a picture what can I do?’”